The home of progressive South African theatre and performance since 1977, and the cultural gateway to the University of Cape Town, the Baxter Theatre Centre is a vibrant, multi-cultural entertainment hub in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Nestled under the striking Devil’s Peak mountain and at the foot of the University of Cape Town, the Baxter boasts a world-class theatre and concert hall, as well as a studio stage, rehearsal rooms, offices, a restaurant and bars and an impressive, spacious foyer.

Built in 1976, the Baxter was a pillar of hope during the apartheid era. By leveraging its strong relationship with UCT, the theatre was able to present multi-racial, progressive work at a time when all other non-racial interactivity was banned or censored.

The Centre is within walking distance of the vibrant student shopping centre of Rondebosch.

Coffee shops, gyms, restaurants are easily accessible and the railway station to take you deeper into Cape Town is only minutes away.