The 5th Annual Zabalaza Festival

Welcome to the Baxter Zabalaza Festival line-up, a wonderful program featuring over 300 artists; including 13 acts on the Main Festival and 20 Fringe performances.


With the Triple Bill line-up, you can see all 3 shows for the same price of 1 in the Flipside.

Triple Bill A is on Saturday 21 March.
Triple Bill B is on Sunday 22 March.

The Line-up for Triple Bill A
A: It’s My Freedom, Not Mandela’s
Company Hessequa HLC Drama Group
Location Heidelberg
Playwright Marlin Davids
Director Marlin Davids and Patrick van Wyk
Cast Michael Michaels, Cohen Michaels, Patrick van Wyk, Chandre Adams, Tannith Green, Vanuska McDonald, Chresande Frederick, Victoria William, Ashley du Toit, Joandre Hendricks and Michaelin Hartnick
Language(s) English and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times: 21 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with Should I Wear My Shoes and Blomme vir Oulaas

It’s My Freedom, Not Mandela’s explores the lives of children living on the street – how they see Freedom and what Freedom means to them. The play focuses on the way these teenagers see the legacy of Nelson Mandela after 20 years of Democracy.

A: Blomme vir Oulaas
Company New Age Productions
Location George
Playwright Samuel Jumat
Director Claude Barnes
Cast Samuel Jumat, Philida Manzi , Llewelyn Bond , Macwell Hendricks, Alfondzo Diedericks, Charlane Uithaler, Collete Coetzee
Language(s) English and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times: 21 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with It’s My Freedom, Not Mandela’s and Blomme vir Oulaas
Blomme vir Oulaas is about an older man who is surprised to find a baby boy crying amongst the flowers of Namaqualand. The boy enjoys a life of joy with this man. However, on Christmas Eve, his biological family arrive to fetch him with beautiful flowers which symbolise reconciliation.

A: Should I wear these shoes?
Company – Beat Drama Group
Location – Dysselsdorp, Oudtshoorn
Writer – Elton louw
Director – Lee-Roy Lindt
Philip Botha, Theolisa MacDonals, Jumurius Lewis, Seprinis Prins, Louw Campher
Language(s) – Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times:
21 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with “It’s my freedom, not Mandela’s” & “Blomme vir Oulaas
Should a son always follow in his father’s footsteps? Can fathers learn from their sons in the Democratic South Africa?
This is a journey of love, respect, arrogance, the impact of decisions and the importance of relationships.

Triple Bill LINE-UP

B: Unlocked Cages
Company – Team bring it
Location – Worcester
Writer – Shameeg Steyn
Director – Keithan lakay
Shameeg Steyn, Leleti Mtshotshi, Ashwill Blankenberg, Redewaan Williams, Bradley de Koker
Language(s) – English, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times:
22 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with “Untitled” & “Afvlerk”
“Unlocked cages” is based on a true story.
It focuses on the relationship between a father and his son, an epic series of events and life changing impact this has on both of their lives.

B: Afvlerk
Company – Vagnet Drama Group
Location – Bonnievale
Writer – Sheline Bothma
Director – Jemina Kleinbooi
Beyonce Guma, Charon Moses, Jemina Kleinbooi , Jaden Davids Lu-ann Swanepoel.
Language(s) – Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times:
22 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with “Untitled” & “Unlocked Cages”
A doctor walks past Lia. She wants to stop him but isn’t sure if it’s the right choice.
Two different women, from two different worlds live with something that binds them together.

B: Untitled
Company – Langeberg Committed Artists
Location – Nkqubela, Robertson
Writer – Mbulelo Hohlo
Director – Mbulelo Hohlo
Dowayne Van Wyk, Sidwell Kyster, Mbulelo Hohlo, Ayakha Komzi, Karabo Salman.
Language(s) – English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times:
22 March @ 10h00 – 11h45 with “Unlocked Cages” & “Afvlerk”
A black girl meets a white guy. Her father tells her to stay away from white people. She tells her father that this is now a democratic country and asks him to allow her to invite the white man to their house.
This is an opportunity for the father to make peace with the past and move on.


The Woman’s Journey
Company – Future Line Arts Academy
Location – Khayelitsha
Writer – Khanyiswa Mazwai
Director – Khanyiswa Mazwai
Sindiswa Mirriam Fanele, luxolo Mboso, Yolanda Kwelilanga, Khanyiswa Mazwi and Lwandiso Ntsume Asonele
Language(s) -Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times:
21 March @ 12h00
The story takes you through a journey of a woman who faces a problem of miscarrying children. Because of that her dignity as a woman and marriage are in jeopardy. Life continues to be harder as she struggles to find a solution to her problem.

Umfazi akayobhola
Company – Walter Tekka
Location – Gugulethu
Writer – Siyabulela Hoffman
Director – Alutha Gonya
Malehloa Khoarane, Xoliswa Mlambo, Linathi Ngcwangu, Ketsiso Lekau, Siyabulela Hoffman, Sthembele mvunywa, Mandy Vokovoko, Nompumzo Mtshotsho, Nonthuthuzelo Matolo, Sesethu Tsalikhumba, Simangaliso Lufefe, Sihle Ngantweni, Unathi Makhambi, Okuhle Dyantyisi and Lunathi bonyongo
Language(s) – IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 14h30
It’s about a married couple that is not at peace because of the irresponsible husband that does not want to take care of his family.

Company – CWD: United we stand
Location – Gugulethu
Writer – Zolani vokwana
Director – Lulamile Holi
Langa Sifumba, Mbuyiselo Gangci, Sindiswa Fokwana, Bonjke Ntshaba, Vuyisile Gundwana, Marcia Koko, Zanele Nyati, Thato Nomungeka, Thimna Mete, Vuyokazi Gundwana, Teboho Ntakazana, Sisipho Xhamle
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 14h30
“Witchcraft” is about a young girl that is raised by her grandmother, whom is believed to be a witch in the community.
She then meets up with a power full friend and prays for her and she starts to see things differently.

The Journey
Company – Kraaifontein Theatre
Location – Kraaifontein
Writer – Devised by the Cast
Director – Mthobisi Mpandle
Sive Marafane, Anelisa James, Anitha Peto, Andisiwe Ndaba, Nosiphiwo Moshilibane, yolanda Ntanyana, lindiswa Fani, Snalo Jentu, Snawo Jentu, Simamnkele Ntlangula ,Andiswa Xhaka, Snalo Ndzunga, Molopi Lepeli, Wendy Mrali, khanyisa James, Lwando Xwayi, Luyanda Nodilinga, Sonwabo Mpandle, Aphiwe Phongomile, Ayanda Jim, Derro Pere, Bulelani Mananga, Zanokhanyo Saalman, Lukhanyo Mbaleki, Masithembe Sakwe , Anda Ngeva, Yanga Bhumnka, Zimkitha Mzimba , Avela Gigi, Siphenathi Sqwayi, Phumeza Sicetshe, YangaNtshaba, Sivuyile Manqindi and Asiphe Mnjongile.
Language(s) – IsiXhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 22 March @ 14h30
The production is about challenges the youth encounters and the impact democracy has in their lives.

Ibhekile evuzayo
Company – Amaza Productions
Location – Langa
Writer – Sindile Moya
Director – Banzi Tema and Sindile Moya
Cast – Thando Baliso, Sive Marhafana, Nkululeko Gqwesa, Buyela ekhaya Dancers.
Language(s) – IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 22 March @ 13h15
“Ibhekil’ evuzayo”, the right of passage to manhood, is a story about initiation, valuing initiation and stating facts of how it used to be and how it is done.

The story is told through music, dance poetry and drama.

Farmer’s son
Company – Siphesakhe in association with UNIMA SA
Location – Pinelands
Writer – Devised by cast
Director – Rouxnet Brown
Cast – Esethu Jende, Aphiwe Mbinda, Bruce Geza and Robert January
Language(s) – English and Xhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 22 March @ 12h00
When a spoilt young man demands his inheritance from his father, he is hurled into into a whirlwind of excess and decadence. He makes some unsavoury friends on his travels and finds himself confronted with difficult choices. He discovers, through hard experiences what it means to be a man.

Company – Siphesakhe Youth Organisation
Location – Samora Machell
Writer – Vuyokazi Stefans
Director – Siphelo Mtshetsha
Cast – Vuyokazi Stefans, Zizipho Ndikandika, and Esethu Jende
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 22 March @ 15h45
We see the ups and downs of the young girl who was raped and getting pregnant and how it affects the girl and her family.


Company – 4 “O”
Location – Observatory
Writer – Talisa Norton
Director – Talisa Norton
Cast – Talisa Norton, Angeliene Swartz , Kaylynn Palm and lavita Kadir
Language(s) – English and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 10h15 & 22 March @ 16h15
“Crave” is a physical theatre piece about wanting to belong, loosing yourself and others. Craving those last moments you have left of life. Interpreted through dance and movement.

Our footprint
Company – Rainbow Arts Organisation (RAO)
Location – Delft
Writer – Thandolwethu Thando Mzembe
Director – Thandolwethu Thando Mzembe
Cast –
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 19h15 & 22 March @ 17h45
The play is about where we coming from as Africans (past), where we are (present) and where we are going (future).

Sentenced to pain
Company – Mighty Salvation
Location – Mfuleni
Writer – Xolisa Yawa
Director – Xolisa Yawa
Cast – Zikhona Jacobs
Musician – Thembelani Qhalalana
Language(s) – IsiXhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 13h15
Married couple can’t get children. This result into unhealthy situation at home. Will they ever find out what’s the problem?

Company – CPUT Arts Society
Location – Cape Town
Writer – Siyabulela Marinana
Director – Monwabisi Marinana
Cast – Daluxolo Xusha, Anelisa vazana, Belinda Musoke, Zanoxolo James, Lindisipho Zangqa and Ella Pheletso shoba.
Language(s) – English and IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 14h45 & 22 March @ 14h45
Second choices are privileges not a right! Sgoloza is a talented soccer player who lives with his family who have dark secrets. He is passionate about soccer as much as he is passionate about pick-pocketing. One important soccer match changes his life and his family forever.

Munyari Eclipse
Company – Intokozo Theatre Production
Location – Tembisa, Gauteng
Writer – Mmabatho Chuene
Director – Mmabatho Chuene
Cast – Mmabatho Chuene and Karabo Mokobane
Language(s) – English, Shona and Swahili
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 17h45 & 22 March @ 19h15
“Munyari Eclipse” is about two blood sisters, KIngori and Afanda who were separated by Bundu soldiers. One of them was abducted by a Bundu Soldier to become a child soldier.
Years later they come face to face with each other at the Rwanda border gate.

Company – Dala Arts
Location – Soweto, Gauteng
Writer – Paul Noko
Director – Paul noko
Cast – Matsidiso Mokoteli
Language(s) – English and Zulu
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 16h15 & 22 March @ 13h15
An indigenous game called Masiitla is used to its highest level to tell a story of a young girl “Matlakala” growing up in a township called Diepkloof.
At the age of twelve dead mice fell from her mouth , at the age fourteen got her first doll, she was told she is a child and now she is claiming he innocence back

Company – Apollo Dramatic Society
Location – Welcome Estate
Writer – Edgar Whitley
Director – Edgar Whitley
Cast – Edgar Whitley
Language(s) – English and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 19h30 & 22 March @ 14h00
Mr Swarts remembers Dock cottages a community that loved, laughed and cried together. Then they were brutally destroyed by the stroke of a pen.

Company – Mta ka Bhem
Location – Delft
Writer – Hlubi Nontlanga
Director – Hlubi Nontlanga
Cast – Sinesipho Sophini and Amanda Nkwatheni
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 15h30 & 22 March @ 17h00
Flip-Side is a story about a single woman who has lived her life to the fullest but doesn’t want to let go of her colorful life. She is willing to do anything to anyone to get what she wants. She uses her daughter for prostitution in order to maintain her seemingly colorful but fading life.

Title of the Production – Broken Radio
Company – Rainbow Arts Organisation (RAO)
Location – Delft
Writer – Chumani Mtshixa
Director – Chumani Mtshixa
Cast – Amanda Dwayi and Sinesipho Sophini
Language(s) – English and Xhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 17h00 & 22 March @ 12h30
Two sisters very close are separated after the death of their parents and after many years they reunite and realise that they have changed and that they are no longer as close as they were.

Title of the Production – Umlomo uyadala
Company – Ithemba Labantu
Location – Philippi
Writer – Devised by cast
Director – The cast
Cast – Honey Mene and Mpumelelo Mphanginxiwa
Language(s) – English & IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 14h00 & 22 March @ 15h30
Esibini Avenue things are happening. It is a place where a child is never safe even under the supervision of the neighbourhood. Where unlicensed shebeen queens makes the money go round and the crowd go loud. Where cops become icons because of their unhealthy doings. What if someone from this community tells you something at 15:00pm and it happens at 20:30pm?

Title of the Production – No Regret
Location – Athlone
Writer – Obed Plaatjies
Director – Ralph May
Cast – Obed Plaatjies and Darion Adams
Language(s) – English and Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 11h15 & 22 March @ 10h15
Jonathan Davids’ life is in danger in a gang brawl. He ends up killing someone to save himself and ends up in prison.
Prison breaks him into pieces emotionally and mentally.

Title of the Production – AKWABA

Company – ZABALAZA
Writer – Thenjiswa Ntwana
Director – Sizwe Msutu
Awethu Hleli, Philani Xhaga, Thembani luzipho, Mbongeni Nomkhonwama, Unathi Speelman, Yanga Mkhonto, Nasiphi Ntabeni, Zinathi Ngcwangu, Noluthando Sishuba & Zikhona Sihlabeni
Language(s) – IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times:
23 March 2015 @ 14h00 / 24 March 2015 @ 10h00 & 14h00
25 March 2015 @ 14h00 / 26 March 2015 @ 14h00
27 march 2015 @ 10h00 & 14h00 / 28 March 2015 @ 10h00
Libali elingo Phumela intwazana esakhulayo. Njengoko igama layo lisitsho, iphumela kumanzithinzithi neenzima ebomini. Xa izinto ziqalayo ukuyondelelana, ufumana udaba olwaphantsa ukumhlabanisela lokuba unentsholongwane ka Gawulayo. Yini na le kengoku?
Lo ngumdlalo osekwe kwelentlanzi, phantsi kweNtab’etafile.



Title of the Production – Vrou Alleen
Company – Christine Truter
Location – Stellenbosch
Writer – Franca Rame and Dario Fo
Director – Christine Truter
Cast – Anathe Shand
Language(s) – Afrikaans and English
Performance Dates & Times – 23 March @ 12h00, 24 March @ 13h30 & 27 March @ 20h00
This hilarious one-hander is about coping with dirty kimbies, dirty washing and dirty thoughts.
Meri-Lu Williams is locked up in her flat 24/7 by her jealous husband, but she is alles behalwe ge-worry. With the baby, the creepy neighbour, the heavy-breather that keeps calling and of course her jagse brother-in-law to keep her company is sy uitgesort! I mean, what more can a woman want?

Title of the Production – P.U.S.H ah iskorokoro
Company – Witty 3 Dimension
Location – Goodwood
Writer – Zintle Ntshoko
Director – Zintle Ntshoko
Choreographer – Mbongeni Nomkhonwana
Cast – Mbongeni Nomkhonwana and Nomasonto Tshabalala
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 23 March @ 13h30, 26 March @ 13h30 & 27 March @ 18h00
A metaphoric story of a resilient love of a father who has never had children. His heart adopted a dear broken car as his daughter who struggles mirror the situations that life has entrusted him with. With his greasy hands of compassion he holds the broken soul of his car and resuscitates her to life so he can chase after his dream of going back to school to matriculate. Even thou passerby’s tease them; calling her isikorokoro and him uTatu Skorokoro (bush mechanic) he never fails to push forward.

Title of the Production – Is this for keeps?
Company – Poppiehuis Theatre
Location – Nyanga East
Writer – Adapted by Mzi Vava
Director – Mziwamadoda Mzi Vava
Cast – Amanda Pintshana and Mhlanguli George
Language(s) – English
Performance Dates & Times – 23 March @ 18h00, 25 March @ 20h00 & 27 March @ 13h30
The production investigates the causes and reasons as to why married couples will keep hurting each other claiming to love each other. It’s a lock story of a married couple, trapped in an abusive relationship. It explores the major issues that ruin the relationship of Anna and Tony.

Title of the Production – Uhambo lomhambi
Company – Kasified Production house
Location – Khayelitsha
Writer – Themba Baleni
Director – Themba Baleni
Cast – Azuza Radu
Musician – Lee Sithole
Language(s) – Shona/English
Performance Dates & Times – 23 March @ 20h00, 25 March @ 13h30 & 27 March @ 12h00
After leaving her war ravaged country in search for peace and a place to call home, Uhambo Lomhambi is a story of the other battles a woman faces on her journey. Her biggest battle is to explain to her two fatherless boys who are demanding answers who and where their fathers are. Using physical theatre, film and photography, the piece unfolds in a very dynamic way.

Title of the Production – Umzimba
Company – Thando Baliso Production
Location – Mbekweni
Writer – Thando Baliso
Director – Thando Baliso
Cast – Asiphe Lili, Sibusiso Zweni, Sindile Msebenzi
Language(s) – Xhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 24 March @ 10h00 & 26 March @ 12h00
I am a hero and this is my body, when someone else touches it I say NO. Three children are faced with tough challenges when they go home after school but they manage to escape the troubles of the community with a strong sing along hero song.
“UMZIMBA WAM,” tells a story about how children can protect themselves.

Title of the Production – Iqhawe
Company – Ukwanda Puppet Design
Location – Fish Hoek
Writer – Devised by the cast
Director – Mongiwe Khaya Mthombeni
Cast – Siphokazi Mpofu, Sydwel klaas, Sipho Ngxolo, Luyanda, Nogodlwana and Nomkhosi Meveni
Language(s) – IsiXhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 24 March @ 12h00 & 26 March @ 10h00
The show is about a son of a chief who grows up unaware of humans because he grows up in an environment where his only friends are animals. Since he grew up with animals he learnt the different techniques of protecting himself and fighting as a result he killed the snake that terrorized the valley, so that why he is Iqhawe “the hero”.

Title of the Production – Ndendile
Company – MY HOME
Location – Khayelitsha
Writer – Bongani Pontsana
Director – Sinoxolo Cezula
Cast – Bongani Pontsana, Sinoxolo Cezula, Inga Duda, Yanga Jadazweni, Sibongiseni Bhekemva, Anelisa Xapha, and Anelisa Patuleni
Language(s) – IsiXhosa and English
Performance Dates & Times – 24 March @ 18h00, 25 March @ 18h00 & 26 March @ 20h00
A man left home three years back, leaving behind his father and “wife” in search of new opportunities in Cape Town. In Cape Town, he meets a fine, interesting and attractive guy, Bongile, at one of the male clubs in town. They fall in love and get married.
Suprisingly he arrives home and discovers that his wife left home as he was no more returning back home, but to him that was not the case, matter of urgency is what he has on his lap now which is to ask for his father’s blessings and to allow him to marry Bongile by tradition.

Title of the Production – Egoli
Company – UBIZO
Location – Mfuleni
Writer – Bongani Titana
Director – Bongani Titana
Cast – Sinayo Mhaya, Ayanda Dakuse, Asisipho Ntsabo, Vusumzi Bushula, Zikhona Jacobs, Nikelwa Nzutha, Lindelwa Similo, Anelisa Pato, Thanduxolo Madolo
Language(s) – Xhosa
Performance Dates & Times – 24 March @ 20h00, 25 March @ 12h00 & 26 March @ 18h00
Madlamini, a God loving rural woman who has lost her husband to the big city of Egoli. She follows her husband Gaba to Jo’burg where he has gone with the intention to make money for his family. She searches for him everywhere.


Title of the Production – Uhambo
Company – Youth on Top
Location – Khayelitsha
Writer – YOTEAC
Director – Sive Mvandaba
Cast – Sive Mvanda and Anele Malgas
Language(s) – IsiXhosa
Performance Dates & Times –
23 March @ 12h00, 24 March 17h30, 25 March @ 15h00, 26 March @ 13h30 & 27 March @ 13h30
Uhambo yindlela eyakumasiko okanye kwintwaso,usivezela ukuba Umntu uyibaleka njani ingulo okanye ubizo lwakhe.Apha siboniswa utata ethengisa ngonyana wakhe khonu’kuze kuphile yena.

Title of the Production – Resurrection of a sharp arrow
Company – Impact Theatre
Location – Khayelitsha
Writer – Loyiso Damoyi
Director – Loyiso Damoyi
Cast – Nontsikelelo Maboza and Yolanda Silwanyana
Language(s) – Xhosa
Performance Dates & Times:
23 March @ 13h00, 24 March @ 15h00,
25 March @ 12h00, 26 March @ 15h00 &
27 March @ 17h30
Sometimes when you feel drained and defeated by what life throws at you, you just need to look at your strengths and position yourself to fight back with all the strength you have left.

Title of the Production – We cry too
Company – Ilitye elinembobo
Location – Delft
Writer – Mangaliso Ntekiso
Director – Lwanda Sindathi
Cast – Mangaliso Ntekiso and Thandolwethu Mzembe
Language(s) – English and Xhosa
Performance Dates & Times:
23 March @ 15h00, 24 March @ 13h30,
25 March @ 13h30, 26 March @ 12h00 &
27 March @ 12h00
John is on the verge of wanting to kill himself because of failing his wife. He has kept the pain for too long but now it surfaces beyond him and cannot control himself from being an emotional creature. He is completely doubtful about his relationship with his wife. He does not know what to do. Bern on the other side brings his problem on the table.

Title of the Production – The Wedding Dress
Company – Lauren Hannie Production
Location – Kenwyn, Cape Town
Writer – Lauren Hannie
Director – Lauren Hannie
Cast – Lauren Hannie
Language(s) – English
Performance Dates & Times:
23 March @ 17h30, 24 March @ 12h00,
25 March @ 17h30, 26 March @ 17h30 &
27 March @ 15h00
This is one woman’s journey on the realisation that the love she thought she felt stemmed from a manipulation of a man who always made her feel sorry for him. In the beginning we see her in love and infatuated and feeling everything every woman feels when faced with love and she takes us on a journey of how she realises the manipulation and the mental abuse. Then how she finds her feet again.


Title of the Production – Pieces of my life
Company – UCT Dance School
Location – UCT
Writer – Mhlanguli George
Director – Mhlanguli George
Cast – Jamie-lee Jansen, Sibongile Shezi, Tracey Karen September
Choreographed – Mhlanguli George & Xolani Maxwell Rani
Music – Ncebakazi Yeko
Drumming – Themba Mpondo
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 15h45 – FLIPSIDE THEATRE
The piece is based on three young ladies who have been challenged by the obstacles of life. They end up searching for their sense of belonging and digging more to their inner being. Their challenging obstacle was their mother who did not want to hear a word about their father. The mother had her own dark past and that makes it hard for the girls to envisage their future. It is a thought provoking and dark journey that challenges the gender discourses in our country and complexities of being raped.

The piece is set up in period of the Johannesburg’s golden age but relevant to today’s modern time.

Title of the Production – Rat Race
Company – Jazzart Dance Theatre Lab
Location – Cape Town
Choreographed by Mamela Nyamza with the JAZZART Trainees & guest dancers
Director – Mamela Nyamza
Nksosentsha Tamana , Lusanda Dayimani, Wanie Johannes, Keenan Wales, Thandiswa Dokoda, LeeJoel Bosman, Adam Malebo, Vannessa Swartbooi, Sakhele Makaluza, Lewellyn Afrika, Nichelle Linnert, Luyanda Mdingi, Thandiwe Mqokeli, Tamsyn Spannenberg, Phumeza Nokhonya, Nomfundo Hlongwa, Lusindiso Dibela
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 17h00 – Flipside Theatre
‘RAT.RACE’… situations simplicity exists. This is how we describe the way of life lived by the countless to acquire wealth and power wanting to survive. A way of life in which people are caught up fiercely competitive struggle for wealth and power. They quit the rat race in order to live a simple life.

Title of the Production – pushmi pullyu
Company – UKAO Theatre Company supported by Theatre Arts Admin Collective
Created by The Company
Director – Bulelani Mabutyana
Designed – Jori Snell
Cast – Thulisa Mayelo, Sisipho Mbopa and Kay-Lee Esterhuizen
Language(s) – non verbal
Performance Dates & Times
21 March @ 12h30 &
25 March @ 10h30 – MASAMBE THEATRE
A playful exploration of opposites, individual desires and co-operation.
“pushmi pullyu” is presented in partnership with the Obs Family Festival – an ASSITEJ SA and Theatre Arts Admin Collective collaboration

Title of the Production – Nomvula
Company – Magnet Theatre
Location – Cape Town
Created by The Company
Director – Thando Doni,
Cast – Asiphe Lili, Sivuyile Dunjwa, Lwanda Sindaphi and Siphenathi Mayekiso.
Language(s) – isiXhosa with a little English.
Performance Dates & Times – 27 March @ 10h00 – Golden Arrow Studio
Nomvula tells the story of a young girl who loves water, and how our actions cause clouds to be grumpy, the earth to cry, the wind to stop talking. In essence it is about respect and taking care of nature.
“Nomvula” is Presented in partnership with the Obs Family Festival – an ASSITEJ and Theatre Arts Admin Collective collaborati

Title of the Production – Making Mandela
Company – KBT Productions & Hello Elephant
Location – Johannesburg
Writer – Nick Warren & Jenine Collocott
Director – Jenine Collocott
Designed – Jenine Collocott
Sound Design – Peter Cornell
Cast – Jaques de Silva, Barileng Malebye & Mlindeli Zondi
Language(s) – English
Performance Dates & Times – 23 March @ 10h00
1918 marks the birth of Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela as well as the Afrikaner Broedebond. Making Mandela tells the story of two opposing forces with different upbringings, natures, backgrounds and intentions developed in parallel and destined to one day confront each other in a battle for the ultimate freedom of South Africa for all South Africans. It brings the young mandela vividly to life, and tells the story of this mischevious trouble-maker who would one day go on to be one of the most revered leaders of our age.
“Making Mandela” is Presented in partnership with the Obs Family Festival – an ASSITEJ SA and Theatre Arts Admin Collective collaborati

Title of the Production – Philida van de Delta
Company – Solms Delta
Writer – Members of Delta Soetstemme choir, facilitated by Amelda Brand
Director – Amelda Brand
Delta Soetstemme choir, facilitated by Adriaan Brand, Leonore Bredekamp, Nick Turner, Amelda Brand and Jervis Pennington
Songs arrangement – Delta Langbroek band, musically facilitated by Adriaan Brand and Carlo Fabe
Language(s) –
Performance Dates & Times:
22 March @ 18h00 – FLIPSIDE THEATRE
27 March @ 16h00 – Concert Hall

Title of the Production – Mr Pondo
Company – J. Pondo Production
Location – Kraaifontein
Writer – J. Pondo
Director – J. Pondo
Cast – J. Pondo
Language(s) – English
Performance Dates & Times – 22 March @ 19h30
The show is purely a satirical comedy show dealing with the political and racial undertones of both the new and old South Africa.
The show has STRONG LANGUAGE and not appropriate for minors.

Title of the Production – Indalo
Company – Keiskamma Music Academy
Writers – Mojalefa Koyana and Kyla Davis
Director – Mojalefa Koyana and Kyla Davis
Assistant Musical Director – Simon Duim
Lukhanyiso Cuka, Siphelo Mvaphantsi, Simamkele Maxontana, Mihle Cuka, Yoliswa Gusha, Sibongiseni Gxamza, Nokuthula Makhubalo,Lwandile Mapuma, Wonke Mapuma, Thandikhaya Matiti, Sambesiwe Mavela, Wonga Mbiko, Lihle Mtshonisi, Nqophisa Mtshonisi, Thabiso Ngoxo, Thabo Ngoxo, Aviwe Nkani, Asonwabile Nompunga, Qhama Nongce, Ayabulela Paliso, Mkhululi Peter & Olwethu Solwandle
Sinethemba Makubalo, Nomazibuko Mangwana, Asive Mali, Buhle Mavela, Babalwa Mva, Msindisi Mva, Anele Nobongwana & Nolusindiso Nxadi
Language(s) –
Performance Dates & Times – 27 March @ 11h00 – CONCERT HALL
Birds have a rich mythology among the Xhosa-speaking people and are associated with various aspects of traditional life as harbingers, messengers, symbols of luck or evil omen. They are also associated with the seasons and changes in the weather, with veld lore, proverb, riddle and folktale and especially with cattle and the expressions for the colouration of their hides. ‘Indalo’ incorporates music from Saint-Saens’ ‘Carnival of the Animals’ employing indigenous art/music to create an entertaining multi-disciplinary production and educational experience reflecting the closeness to nature of the AmaXhosa, with the use of birds as the vehicle to express this relationship.
“Indalo” is Presented in partnership with the Obs Family Festival – an ASSITEJ SA and Theatre Arts Admin Collective collaboration

Title of the Production – Liedjies van die Kaap
Location –
Writer – M. Jacobs
Musical Director – M. Jacobs
Director – B. Mantsai
Cast – Mogammad Fagri Isaacs, Moegammad Ziyaad Hattas, Waheed Hartley, Moegamat Shaheed Mustapha, Mogamat Yusuf Isaacs, Wafiq Brinq, Muneeb Hermans, Moegamad Safwaan Baker, Mogamad Goosain Staggie, Nazeem Simons and Moeniel Jacobs
Musicians – Abdu-Daiyaan Floris & Moegamatt Yusuf Floris
Language(s) – English & Afrikaans
Performance Dates & Times – 27 March @ 20h00 & 28 March @ 20h00
From the Cape Flats to Carnegie Hall this production shows the true essence of what happens behind the scenes of the Cape Malay Choir culture. Showcasing the beautiful music that is still being sung today since the days of slavery, from the energetic Ghoema/ picnic songs to the traditionally infused Nederlands song. a beautiful combination of western choral music with the melodic quarter tones of Asian vocals. From the rehearsal room to the New Years Eve Parade this journey all concludes with choirs preparing to perform for 26 minutes at the their annual choral competition.

21 Mar - 28 Mar

Starts: 10:00 am

Drama / Golden Arrow Studio

The 5th annual Baxter Zabalaza Festival; showcasing the talents of development theatre groups from all over the Western Cape and further afield.