Missing …

The Baxter Theatre Centre in collaboration with John Kani presents


Robert Khalipa has been living in exile in Stockholm, Sweden, for over 30 years, with his wife, Anna Olson, who has inherited her father’s large electronic and communications company, and their daughter Ayanda, a doctor working in a hospital in Stockholm. Something that Robert has been waiting for all his life in exile has finally happened: Mandela has been released.

South Africa is on the road to democracy. Going home has become a reality.

Instead of a celebration, this new situation becomes the cancer that breaks the Khalipa family apart. To add insult to injury, Robert is not called by the ANC to come home and be part of the negotiations. What follows is a plot full of intrigue, lies, backstabbing, conspiracy and political in-fighting. Peter Tshabalala, a young comrade who was Robert’s assistant in the ANC office in Stockholm, plays an important role in the isolation of Robert by the organisation.

How can the release of Nelson Mandela be the reason for this family to break up?

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3 Mar - 29 Mar

Starts: 8:00 pm

Additional Performances:
8 Mar - 2:00 pm

Drama / Theatre

South Africa is on the road to democracy. Going home has become a reality for Robert Khalipa, an ANC activist living in exile in Sweden with his wealthy wife and their daughter who is a doctor. But the planned return to the country of Mandela becomes the cancer that eats away at the ordered family life they have carefully built up.