With the worldwide outbreak of #MeToo disclosures which has seen countless woman breaking the silence on sexual abuse as well as the frequent SA news headlines of our children being raped, abused and murdered, it has been a long time coming for men to take collective ownership of what is a man’s issue.  #JustMen has been commissioned by the Baxter Theatre Centre and funded by the City of Cape Town to proactively tackle this issue and empower a unified stand from men. #JustMen is an exciting multi-lingual docu-drama about men taking a stand against men who abuse woman and children. The production is performed by men and for men. The purpose is to engage honest conversation about what we avoid talking about and to transform our responsibility, accountability and behaviour around the culture of male abuse of women and children.


Message from the Director


I need your help to mobilise men

My name is Heinrich Reisenhofer, I am a theatre director of local productions such as Joe Barber, Suip and Cry the Beloved Country, I am also a transformation coach and facilitator.

This year I have taken on a project that is very close to my heart which is to create a theatre production about men taking a collective and proactive stand against abuse and harassment of women and children.  The show is entitled #JustMen and has been commissioned by the Baxter Theatre Centre and supported by the City of Cape Town.

I am calling on men to mobilise and attend this event. Realistically it is unlikely that enough men will come in their individual capacity or purely for entertainment purposes with buddies. It requires a conscious willingness to go beyond our normal way of operating. For this to happen, we need leaders of groups of men to say: ‘men, this is what we need to do‘. This is why I am calling on you as the head of your business, organisation or sports club to collect your men and send them to attend this event.  A show of just men willing to take a stand by attending is a powerful statement compared to a couple of men dragged unwillingly along by their wives and partners. The value is that this production will then impact and raise awareness within your group, to get men to rethink their beliefs and seeing fresh opportunities for how we can make a difference. We need new perspectives and encouragement – this is what will make the change.

With the unfolding of the #MeToo movement many women around the world broke the silence and spoke out about their abuse, harassment or rape; however, what we have not adequately addressed so far is men’s side of the story. So I have decided to do something out of the ordinary, something that has not been done before in modern SA theatre which is to create a show about the perspectives of different South African men with the guidance of top men’s coaches and experts.

I feel we have an opportunity to mobilise ourselves as men to be the change we want to see, and this issue will only shift when we as men are willing to unite and own this issue without the prompting of women. What has made countless woman’s initiatives and campaigns successful in uplifting woman is that woman show up and support. We need to do the same for men. I believe men do want to take a proactive stand but don’t know how and don’t want to be impacted by being made wrong.  Woman have spoken out enough about their experiences and what they want. There is a pattern that needs to change, and it is not just about how men view women, it’s about how men operate with men in their peer groups, in workspaces and their families. It is time that men get together and deal with this as a collective men’s issue. This is not just a matter of condemning certain men for behaving badly; it’s an issue of how we as men, in general, show up for each other in what we affirm and tolerate.  Campaigns such as the #NoExcuse and #NotInMyName only takes us so far in confronting behaviour, but it does not address the root issue of what we are all dealing with as men in a rapidly changing world.

I grew up without a father, raised by a single independent mother who was impacted by sexual abuse. I spent most of my life unconsciously being ashamed of being a man, and this left me disconnected and angry.  As a result, I struggled in my committed relationships with women; I never wanted to get married because I had no benchmark for being a husband or a father. It was only through doing healing processes and empowering men’s work in contexts such as the Mankind Project that I regained my wholeness and clarity as a man.  What made the difference for me was experiencing men showing up powerfully for other men.  I have since been involved in men’s work and transformation coaching which is why I took on this project.

For this purpose, there will be special low price group bookings available to groups of men. #JustMen opens at the Baxter Theatre Centre on 14 June and runs for three weeks ending on Saturday 30 June. I call on you to take up this challenge, to share this event proactively. Let us begin a movement of men taking interest and getting involved, lets us engage a new conversation about how we can make a difference as men in the workplace and in our homes.

Book now!


You can book for the #JustMen event directly on Webtickets here. Individual tickets are R120.

If you want to make a block booking of 10 or more, you can click here. Alternatively, contact Leon van Zyl (leon.vanzyl@uct.ac.za or 021 680 3972). Block bookings of 10 or more are R100 per ticket.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask questions you may have in taking this further.



Yours Sincerely

Heinrich Reisenhofer



I have also created a Facebook group called Just Men SA which is a social media roundtable discussion that men can get involved in. It is also an information base for men’s initiatives that are currently available.  To join the conversation, click here.

13 Jun - 30 Jun

Starts: 7:30 pm

Drama / Golden Arrow Studio

#JustMen is an exciting multi-lingual docu-drama about men taking a stand against men who abuse woman and children. The production is performed by men and for men.


Full Price R120
Block Bookings 10+ R100
Students & Senior Citizens R80