Kiss of the Spider Woman

Dear Baxter Patron
It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that our plans to deliver Life & Times of Michael K and Kiss of the Spider Woman, have been thwarted.
Our problems with Michael K, started with the president announcing further restrictions on audience numbers at Adjusted Level 2. This was a heavy loss for us as we had already sold more than 200 tickets per show and suddenly, overnight, our capacity was restricted from 250 seats to 100 seats in our main theatre which has a capacity of 680.
We tried all means to save the situation, by adding a few extra shows and by lobbying to be permitted 180 seats using our balconies as separate spaces. Sadly, we were told by the department of health that this was against the law.
We then had to write letters to our loyal patrons and tell them that their tickets would no longer be valid and that we could only allow the first 100 seats booked for each performance. This was a very unpleasant thing to do, as we value and need your support.
Finally, when the show was ready and technicals complete, on Friday night, we heard that one of our company members had COVID-19, and then on Sunday, another company member tested positive.

We had no choice but to close the theatre for several days, and now, to cancel the entire run for both Life & Times of Michael K and Kiss of a Spider Woman. Unfortunately, there had been contact between crew members.
Whilst I always stay positive about the Baxter Theatre, I have to concede that these times of COVID have had a crippling effect. Some people have suggested streaming, but this is not financially viable and to be frank, it is just not theatre.
We have taken a decision to bring back both shows at the end of January 2022. Hopefully by then we will be able to play to at least 50% capacity. Those that have purchased tickets already for the shows, can 'park' their tickets for the return season. You will also have preferential booking. You don't have to do anything from your end to park your tickets. We will automatically move it, and let you know the moment the new dates have been confirmed.
I can say without any doubt, that both shows are of the highest standard and we have given our all to make exceptional theatre.
I am so deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by this insurmountable situation.

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Please be safe.

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