Sonia Esgueira talks dating, prozac and why love is so damn funny.

Posted by admin on May 12, 2014

Dating in your 30’s can be a minefield of broken hearts, bad conversation and incessant cups of coffee. And the search for Mister Right is never easy. Comedienne Sonia Esgueira draws on a dollop of personal experience and the universal search for true love in the hilarious whip-smart comedy Love & Prozac. We caught up with Sonia during rehearsals to find out more about the show.

Baxter Blog (BB): If you had to give up one or the other for the rest of your life, would it be love or Prozac?

Sonia Esgueira (SE): Eish, Prozac for sure. I am a self confessed love addict!  LeeAnn Rhimes said it best- “How do I live without yooouuuu?”

BB: How did you come up with so many incredible characters and how do you keep them all straight in your head?
SE: Sigh. with a lot of therapy and prozac. But seriously.. The characters are inspired by people I met and sometimes dated in my life. Names have been changed. Not for their privacy- for my safety! 

BB: What is it about love that makes it such timeless comedy gold?
SE: Because it’s us at our weakest, most vulnerable and silliest. Love is the strongest currency in the world. It redeems and  liberates. It elevates you from the mundane everydayness of life. Plus you just feels bloody lekker. Who doesn’t like seeing a grown man blush and get all puppy eyed and goofy?


BB: What do audiences get out of this show when they come to see it? How has the show been received?
SE: Audience response has been overwhelmingly awesome. It’s been rated 5 stars by critics and audiences alike and there’s been a  few standing ovations thrown in too, so that’s bringing smiles to my own face.

Besides see me be flippen’ awesome on stage playing 13 different characters (including men which is my forté00), audiences get to experience a real journey. It’s more than just a laugh a minute. (By the way it was rated 9.5 on the laugh-o-meter!)

Audiences get to recognise themselves up there. The most common responses I’ve heard from audiences is that they saw themselves so vividly and they recognized the people in their lives . Everyone relates strongly because it’s such a universal theme. The characters are very South African and we laugh at what we know. The opportunity to laugh hard at your own embarrassing foibles is a huge relief for people because it’s unifying and very cathartic. Who doesn’t want love? Love is a common denominator in any language race or culture.

Love transforms us completely and that’s why we fight for it.

BB: Is this a show I should bring a first date to or will it ruin my chances later?

SE: Laughing is sexy! And who doesn’t want to be sexy on their first date? After that you’re on your own though…

Love & Prozac, starring Sonia Esgueira, opens in the Golden Arrow Studio on Tuesday 13 May and runs until 31 May.
Monday – Saturday at 8.15PM

Bookings at Computicket.


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